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"Industry Skills Center in Gastronomy and Hospitality" - a project co-financed by EU funds as part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, Component A "Economic Resilience and Competitiveness," Investment A.3.1.1. "Support for the development of modern vocational education, higher education, and lifelong learning."
Welcome to
The Industry Skills Center in Gastronomy
and Hospitality
The Industry Skills Center in Gastronomy and Hospitality, as a newly established educational institution, defines its goals and tasks by focusing on innovation, flexibility, and adaptation to the dynamically changing labor market needs. Our activities encompass a wide range of initiatives, from vocational education and career counseling to involvement in research and development projects and collaboration with various institutions at the national and international levels.
Why is it worth joining us?
Innovative Education: At BCU, we integrate theory with practice in modern laboratories, providing education that aligns with current market trends.

Comprehensive Development: We focus on developing both technical and soft skills, preparing graduates for effective work in the industry.

Professional Connections: We collaborate with industry leaders, offering students the opportunity to build networks and gain valuable experience.
Taste the future!
Join us and develop your skills
in the dynamic world of gastronomy with top industry experts.